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建模技巧(Olivier Couston)

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Shifting edge pole to add edge loops. You can use the same trick to either add or delete edgeloops. Then of course you need to slide them around to make the spacing more even, but you get the idea(移动边缘极点以添加边缘环。您可以使用相同的技巧来添加或删除edgeloops。当然,您当然需要滑动它们以使间距更均匀,但您了解了这一点)

Redirecting edge flow with edge collapse. You can see I change my mind at one point as I was about collapse an edge rig and decided to get rid of the pole/star completely(通过边缘塌陷来重定向边缘流。您会看到我改变主意,因为我即将倒塌边缘装备并决定完全摆脱极点/星形。)

More topology redirection. In this one at one point, I just press the 'G' key to repeat the last command. I'm actually using "adjust edge flow"(更多的拓扑重定向。在这一点上,我只按‘G’键重复最后一个命令。实际上我用的是“调整边流”)

Easy cloth pinching. Mostly for stylized stuff, when you don't want to use displacement.(容易抓布。当你不想使用位移的时候,主要是用于程式化的东西。)

Easy cloth fold. Same, mostly for stylized character for animation. Also known as the "Scam artist". Then you need to move things a bit to your liking, but the base topology is there(容易叠布。同样的,主要用于动画的程式化角色。也被称为“骗局艺术家”。然后你需要移动一些你喜欢的东西,但是基本的拓扑是在那里。)

Smoothing bumpy surface with edge slide. When you don't want to use the relax brush. You need to release the mouse button between each stroke.(光滑凹凸不平的表面与边缘滑动。当你不想使用放松刷的时候。你需要在每一笔之间释放鼠标按钮。)

Getting rid of unnecessary support loops. I hate when I see people adding loops going across the whole object just to add a hard edge somewhere. There are many ways of getting rid of them(摆脱不必要的支持循环。我讨厌看到人们在整个对象上添加循环,只是为了在某个地方添加一个硬边。有很多种方法可以摆脱它们。)

Making cylinder cap more sculpt friendly. Also known as the "no-triangle freak" cylinder. Also works with spheres. I dealy, you want your cylinder to be 8,16 or 32 sides for a perfect square top.(使气缸盖更易于雕刻。也称为“无三角形畸形”圆柱体。也适用于球体。我想,您希望圆柱为8、16或32边,以获得理想的正方形顶部。)

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